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STARBASE Robins doesn’t want the learning to stop just because your 5 Day STARBASE Experience is over. We know your time is valuable so we created the Teacher Standards Book and this resource page just for you. On this site you will find activities and links to websites that will help you go into more detail when you continue the lessons we started. Many of the resources listed here fit into several categories, but we only listed them once.

**If you created lessons (especially in Language Arts, Writing, etc) as a result of your STARBASE experience please share them with us, we would like to post them for everyone to use!**


  1. Atmospheric Properties
    1. Website Links:
    2. iPad Apps:
    3. Activities:


  1. Building Blocks of Matter

Website Links:

Ice Melting Blocks

Molecularium– Students play games building molecules.

Chemistry Quizzes

Density Bottles– Here is a link to purchase the density bottles used with Characteristic Properties.




iPad Apps:

Periodic Table Spelling


A challenging App for someone wants to learn how to correctly spell the names of the elements of on the Periodic Table. Players are given letters out of order and the Atomic Symbol to figure out the name.


Periodic Puzzle


A challenging App that makes players put the elements of the Periodic Table in the correct order. If you go to options you can choose to show the element number as a hint.





  1. Physical and Chemical Changes

Website Links:

iPad Apps:


Physical/ Chemical Changes Activities

Physical Change With M&M’s Colors

Physical Change With M&M’s Temperature

Physical Changes with M&M’s Sugar Solutions

Chemical Changes with Baking Powder

Chemical Changes Can you control a Chemical Reaction?



  1. 3-D Computer Aided Design


CREO Click on the link for the free download of the Creo Engineering software for use with your students in the classroom.

**Caution this program will take up lots of space on your computer and requires registration before downloading.**


Creo software

Engineering Design Process

Website Links:

Children’s Engineering Educators– Free activities and teacher resources.

Engineering is Elementary– Curriculum that can be purchased.

Introductory Lab Kits– Kits that can be purchased.

Teach Engineering

Dream, Invent, Create Book

iPad Apps:


Brains’ Atomic Adventure


Currently consists of 3 areas with

5 levels each. Written in comic book style and gives Science information on Newton’s Three Laws, Lift and Aerodynamics, Elements, Protons and Electrons, How batteries and magnets work, etc.


Link! Lite Edition


This game consists of 8 bridge building challenges. Different materials are used to construct the sturdiest bridge and must be tested by the train. Grid dots are available to help layout a pattern.


Tinkerbox HD

FREE This game consists of 8 areas with multiple levels each. Each level has a required result with construction left up to the player.


  1. Activities:



  1. Data Analysis
    1. Website Links:
    2. iPad Apps:




This is a presentation App that we use to graph our Straw Rocket Data.


  1. Activities:


  1. Geometry
  2. Website Links:

Coordinates– Teacher lessons, PowerPoint presentations, and student games.

Signsplusbanners.com– The brackets for holding the foam board during Battleship.

  1. iPad Apps:


Graphing Gala


This App requires players to read the coordinate and choose the correct coin from the coordinate plane. All correct answer put money in the piggy bank to fund a party for the characters.


Battleship War


This App does not use coordinates, but allows students to continue enjoying strategizing how to sink the unseen ships. Can be played by 2 players or by one player against the computer. Each player has 10 ships.


  1. Activities:

Space Blocker Game

This game uses all four quadrants in the coordinate plane.

Coordinate Plane Jeopardy

General Coordinates Game

When you put this game in guess mode students enter the coordinates of the house on the screen. Check answer to move on to the next location.

Space Boy to the Rescue

Students are given a coordinate and must move the space boy to that location.

Locate the Aliens

Students type in the lost alien’s coordinates.


  1. Measurement
  2. Website Links:

Metric System PowerPoints

Teaching the Metric System Article

Metric System Games


  1. iPad Apps:
  2. Activities:


  1. Number and Number Relationships
    1. Website Links:


Conversion Chart– Scientific Notation

Multiplication using Scientific Notation



  1. Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics
    1. Website Links:
    2. iPad Apps:
    3. Activities:


  1. Newton’s Three Laws of Motion
    1. Website Links:


Sir Isaac Newton


  1. iPad Apps:
  2. Activities:


STEM Careers

  1. Personal Investigations
  2. Website Links:

National Defense Education Program– This site has videos of different engineers and engineering jobs in the military.

Engineer Your Life– This site has videos of women in Engineering. Also highlights different areas of engineering.

Stem Careers

The Futures Channel


  1. iPad Apps:
  2. Activities:


  1. Innovations
  2. Website Links:


Nanotech Clothing Article

Graphene Article

Why Graphene Won Scientists the Nobel Prize


  1. iPad Apps:


Find Nano


This App lets you browse products that have been created with Nanotechnology.


Do U Nano?


This App tells information about careers in Nanotechnology, current and future products in Nanotechnology, and a brief history of Nanotechnology.


Scopey’s Nano Adventure


Players learn information about Nanotechnology uses in Bones, Bio-fuels, Carbon Emissions, and Food Science. After each area of information players build a “Nano” to collect nano sized items that are important to the particular field.


  1. Activities:


  1. Navigation and Mapping
  2. Website:
  3. iPad Apps:

Google Earth


Latitude and Longitude, GPS


  1. Activities



General Websites with Activities and Resources

Public Broadcasting System

Georgia Department of Education

Next Generation Science Standards

National Science Teacher’s Association

Science and Math Activities

Ten Cool Sites

Whatta Blast!

TED Talks