School Year Curriculum

Program Information

STARBASE Robins offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) programming to 5th grade students. We currently serve 4 school districts in the Middle Georgia area: Bibb, Houston, Bleckley, and Twiggs Counties as well as numerous private schools in Middle Georgia, but are expanding our services into more systems in the upcoming years. Our programming provides students with a high quality hands on experience. The 25 hours of programming that the students receive also includes activities that focus on the well being, abilities and goal setting of the students. We introduce basic goal setting skills to many students who have never been motivated about their future career goals and the choices that need to be made in order to reach those goals.

Starbase Robins Curriculum

Curriculum Alignment with National and State Standards


An evaluation system, including pre/post tests and a teacher report card, provides evidence of the success of all elements of the program. Comparison of pre/post test scores among the first one hundred classes at STARBASE Robins indicated a dramatic increase in the knowledge of areas included in the curriculum. As of May 2012, the average test scores of over 16,000 students rose from 45% to 71%.

In response to the President’s Summit for America’s Future in April 1997, a community service project is now required for all classes participating in the program.

Administrators’ and principals’ feedback:

“This program is worthwhile, challenging, motivating, stimulating, and enriching. I look forward to coming to STARBASE next year.”

“My students have learned to work as teams cooperatively and responsibly.”

“STARBASE Robins talks to the students about their future and gives them something to think about when they become adults.”

Student feedback:

“I would like to thank you for helping me understand why it is so important to do my work, and for letting me show you how well I can work with others.”

“I learned that you can be anything that you want to be and dreams+action=Reality.”